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Bonnie Rush, RT

It's Always The Right Time To Get Down To BIS When You Need To:

o Meet Mammography CE Mandates
o Enhance Reliability of Services
o Boost Staff Morale
o Pass All Mammography Regulatory Processes
o Set Up the Perfect QA/QC Manual
o Identify Clinical Images for Accreditation Submission
o Optimize QA/QC Processes and Expedite Performance
o Maximize Staff Efficiency
o Increase Productivity and Decrease Liability
o Develop and Implement Viable Standards of Practice
o Close the Loopholes that Lead to Litigation
o Determine Mammography Equipment Acquisition and Timeframes
o Train New Mammography Technologists On-Site
o Improve Community And Referring Physician Loyalty
o Increase Market Share In the Community
o Develop Successful Outreach Projects
o Practice Management
o Choose An Expert Witness For Your Defense In Medical Malpractice Cases

BIS offers Practice Management Consulting, CE Programs, Outreach Keynote Presentations, and Expert Witness Services.

BIS – Breast Imaging Specialists – was founded by Bonnie Rush RT(R)(M)(QM). She is a nationally recognized author, lecturer, consultant and expert witness. A breast cancer survivor, Bonnie's focus is to save lives by optimizing breast imaging services and aid breast imaging centers/departments to thrive in the business of early detection thru clinical practice management services. Her area of expertise now also includes dense breast early detection program implementation. Ms. Rush is noted for her ability to impart information in a user-friendly manner, providing a number of important services to imaging facilities. Expert witness in regulatory or practice suits. Speaker at numerous local, regional and national conferences. Author and subject matter expert for breast imaging publications. Please visit Bonnie’s LinkedIn page Mammobis Linkedin @

  • Bonnie authored and distributes the highly acclaimed manual “MQSA Made Easy, Understanding and Implementing the Facility-Based Final Regulations”, which is regarded as a must-have for all mammography facilities.
  • She has become known as the Mammographer with a Wit for her humorous community outreach presentations.
  • Ms. Rush has been recognized by the Association for Medical Imaging Management (AHRA) for her ability to present valuable information in a user-friendly manner.
  • She has written and/or has been quoted in such highly regarded periodicals as:
        • Advance
        • Mammography Regulation and Reimbursement Report
        • Decisions in Imaging Economics
        • RT Image
        • SBI News
        • ASRT Scanner
        • Radiology Today Magazine
        • Mammography Today Magazine
  • Bonnie authored the Mammography Update for The Mammography Regulation and Reimbursement Report (MRR)
  • Bonnie was the Mammography Mentor for Radiology Today Magazine.
  • Bonnie serves on the Advisory Board of The Mammography Regulation and Reimbursement Report (MRR)

Learn the business of digital mamography from expert mammography consultant Bonnie Rush, as she teaches you about the best practices of the business of breast imaging and mammography practice management.

MQSA Manual Update
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Nationally Recognized

ASRT Scanner 2009 - ASRT recognizes Bonnie Rush for Working Wonders Bonnie Rush (RT(R)(M)(QM), was recognized due to her commitment to education, consulting and expert witness services. (read entire article)

aunt minnie The 2005 Minnies - Most Effective Radiologic Technologist Educator

Bonnie Rush, RT(R)(M)(QM), President of BIS – Breast Imaging Specialists, nationally recognized educator, consultant and community outreach presenter was named as a semifinalist in the Most Effective Radiologic Technologist Educator category by imaging professionals
(Read the entire article)

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Breast Imaging Specialists, founded by Bonnie Rush, author of MQSA Made Easy. Bonnie specializes in: Mammography, Continuing Education, Consulting, and Community Outreach. She is a specialist in: Inspections, Accreditations, Certifications, Patient Care, Pathology, Legal Issues, and Breast Care and an Expert Witness. Her lectures, Speeches and Presentations use Power Point and incorporate Cartoons, Caricatures, and of course Humor. Don't forget to wear your Pink Ribbon