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Bonnie Rush, RT

It's Always The Right Time To Get Down To BIS!

Services BIS offers include:

  • CE programs
        º In-house or thru local and state societies and radiology organizations
                  • Click to view article Free CE Seminar
  • Consulting and In-Services
        º Accreditation, certification and/or MQSA Inspections
                  • Mock MQSA inspections
        º Clinical image review prior to submission for accreditation
                  • On-site or by mail
        º Q/A and Q/C
                  • Processes and problem solving
        º Technologists hands-on positioning
        º Malpractice
                  • Continuity of care issues
                  • Review/design of Practice Standards
        º Process improvement
                  • Productivity, quality of patient care and employee and
                    physician compliance and satisfaction
                  • Staffing/facility design and review to identify efficiency levels
        º Equipment and facility
                  • Facility design and/or consult for equipment purchases
        º Technological advancements and implementation
                  • FFDM and CAD
  • Marketing
        º Differentiating to increase market share
        º Increasing referral base and loyalty
        º Community outreach and early detection marketing
  • Mammography Curriculum Programs
        º Initial in-house mammography training programs
  • Early detection keynote speaker presentations
  • Expert Witness Services


We passed our ACR accreditation without a single box checked in the film review section. Thank you so very much for helping us to optimize our program thru coordinating the USC training and your subsequent on-site consulting. We are now the only facility serving the indigent people of Guam. You have helped many women who would otherwise not have mammography available on this island otherwise. When I say many, I mean many. There are some 40,000 people whose only insurance is the Guam Government sponsored assistance program.

I look forward to inviting you back!


Nathaniel Berg, MD, Margie White, RT(R)(M) of Guam X-Ray and the People of Guam

Background of Bonnie Rush, RT(R)(M)(QM) President and Founder of BIS:

  • 25+ years in the field of radiology focusing on mammography and quality management
  • Serves on the ARRT Mammography Examination Committee
  • Regional representative for a major film and equipment manufacturer
  • Territory representative for a processor sales and service company
  • Manager of a radiology temporary staffing agency
  • Radiology manager and trainer of mammography technologists at a private medical office
  • Curriculum instructor for a radiology and mammography program at a community college
  • Established the first mammography curriculum at a private college
  • Created the first low-cost mammography program in San Diego
  • Faculty of a national continuing education provider
  • First director-at-large in mammography for the CSRT
  • Founded the Mammography Society of San Diego
  • Technologist trainer, Preceptor Program, California Radiologic Health Branch
  • Served as Chair, Breast Health Task Force, ACS, San Diego
  • Chosen for the Professional Development Committee with the California Cancer Detection Section
        • Developed the Patient Provider Communication Module for the BCEDP
  • Serves as an expert witness in malpractice cases